how to make a wooden vegetable crate. Slatted Box Container Growing – Putting Plants In A Wooden Crate. com/channel/UCLYZiBmpiHjS0DpEDbk_B2w?sub_confirmation=1 to see mo. Now let’s build this DIY wooden storage box on wheels. Materials: Stair Treads x 2; Wood Crates x 2. How to make a wooden planter – laying out the planter frame. However the requirement to have a high one-upmanship makes the agriculturalist look for more useful choices for wood and cardboard. Vacuum sanded project to remove sanding residue. I will share some fabulous failures so you can get a more consistent result with this technique. Regardless of the type or size of your container, drainage is vital for successful growth and the overall health of vegetables. Build a crafty home for your vegetables with our DIY wooden vegetable storage shelf for your kitchen. All you need for this DIY project are wooden rectangle crates, castor wheels, wood stain, nail gun, and saw. A small 3-tiered crate stand is perfect by a register for a last minute add-on sale. · I used pine 2x2's and reclaimed pallet wood for mine, but you could use . Secure the end pieces onto the bottom and use the slats on the sides and you’re all done. Cheap Wooden Fruit Gift Crates Wooden Vegetable Crates Wooden Storage Crates. See more ideas about crates, fruit box, wooden crates. The way to set your crate cart stand apart is by how you style it. Place 1×2 boards evenly spaced between 1×4 boards and secure with wood screws. Take your upcycled crates even further by adding castors to the base. When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper. A fresh assortment of 8 wooden play vegetables in a crate for your pretend grocery shop. Step 4 Set slats in bottom of crate. Tickit Wooden Sorting Fruit & Vegetable Crates. Our stylish pine wood fruit and vegetable crates are here to ensure easy storage and carriage around the house. A wooden board was added at the bottom to make it easier to store items on that shelf without them falling off the edge. This invention has given us enormous flexibility in wood crate design, production. Nonetheless, this time we can spice things up with an industrial yet still sporty look for the wooden crate. Place a few rocks on top of the trash bag to help with drainage. While many frugal homesteaders will be happy to repurpose scrap wood for this project, you can also pick up some new 1x3s if needed. Plastic crates are the most common, followed by wooden, and then metal. About products and suppliers: Get vegetable wooden crates at Alibaba. Apply additional coats of wood filler as needed. How to make a wood crate? For a decent sized crate that will give you ample storage space, the . 26 Great ideas for a vegetable garden in DIY wooden beds Make an original plant pot from stump Incorporate an ordinary wooden wheel into your garden decoration - The result will amaze you DIY garden decoration with wooden crates Ordinary wooden boxes filled with your favorite flowers: 20 Beautiful ideas that will enchant you. Each stem of the daffodils that I am using had 4 small flowers on it. The dimensions are different and range from 80 centimeters long and 40 centimeters wide to 120 centimeters long and 60 centimeters wide. Notice to start 2 1/2" from bottom, which will put the top wood lath slat above the top of the 1 x 2 Step 3 Attach the side slats the same way 3/4" nails and glue. Attach the back to the center divider and the two sides using pocket hole screws and wood glue. 12 Locations across USA, Canada and Mexico for fast delivery of Standard Wood Crates. They may be persistent and a great nuisance. Vegetable Crate Stand Rustic Pallet Bookshelf by House of Wood. Attach the side slats the same way 3/4" nails and glue. 14 Wooden Crates Furniture Design Ideas. DIY Project Details: infarrantlycreative. A visually informative artwork is on the front, with assembly of the elements covered on the rear. Old Wood Fruit Crates can be a Fun Centerpiece. Take the third half pallet and then insert it between the ends the complete the square. Our crates are also ideal for displaying jars and . 600*400*220 cheap price foldable plastic crates for fruits and vegetables manufacturer. Old wash tubs, wooden boxes or crates, gallon-sized coffee cans, and even five-gallon buckets can be implemented for growing crops as long as they provide adequate drainage. 6 cm) screw every 4 in (10 cm) through the outside piece into the end of the inside piece to hold them together. Solid Pine Wooden Crate - 2ct - Color Choice. Antique crates have such awesome character. If you need modern and clean lines, this is the perfect DIY planter box! It is super easy to build too! 14. Start drilling holes Using a drill and 2. Part 3: How to make home-made non-toxic furniture wax / natural wood finish for your wooden crates. Wooden Crate on Bicycle: My daughter has a new bike great color. Antique vintage finger-jointed wooden packing crate for Boston Baked Beans, with the old lettering very faded and weathered from age. A slicing machine can be used for thin planks up to 6 mm but these machines are expensive. Our smallest crate with handles, the medium crate is ideal as a small bookshelf, end table organizers, or to hold your small plants. Crate Outdoor Table by One Artsy Mama. Pets Crates Filter alphabetically: Crate Mats Dog Crates Dog Kennels These are the top products in Crates that people are shopping for right now. Since the vegetable and fruits are delicate and need proper storage, then it is vital that you go for that kind of Fruit and Vegetable Crates that is made of plastic. No need to glue and nail for easy removal. Wooden Vegetable Box, used only one size wooden boards 3 by 1/2 inch size. If starting plants from seeds, moisten the soil and plant seeds at the depth and spacing advised by the package. For example, a raised bed constructed out of 2×6” boards will last longer than one made from 2×4”s. Dip rice paper in water to soften. This will ensure structural durability. You can build your own DIY wood crates and then stack those crates to hold all of your produce. Cut twelve 1×3's to 1′ 3″ long (C). If you love to make sure what you are crafting is really durable, you could ought to use both. Have you seen the wooden crates that Home Depot sells? My husband and I used four of them to make a filing cabinet style storage piece. Stack potatoes just one layer high, and then add a layer of newspaper before adding another layer of potatoes, continuing the pattern until you reach the top of the box. Packaging for fruits, vegetables and root crops. Make Your Own Wood Crate Rolling Cart: Have a look at this fantastic crate furniture creation that will definitely add some worth and fantastic visual details to a living room! Use 2 wooden crates and stacked and finished with custom casters or rolls to make a fantastic wooden rolling cart!. Next, we will be making the crates for the storage shelves. Vintage Fruit Crate Wood Box Vegetable Crate Rustic Storage. All you do is dip the end of your paintbrush into the paint (in this case the ecru) and then tap most of the paint off on a paper towel, before lightly brushing it over the piece. I'm back to share the free PDF plans with you so you can build your own!. Moreover, it's recommended to go to trusted suppliers when in need of veggie . , clamp it to your workbench and cut it with a hacksaw, or a miter saw and a carbide blade. Solid Pine Apple Crate 3 pc Set - Color Choice. DIY Vegetable Storage Bin with Dividers. They are a cheap and easy way to create some unique rustic looking storage for your home. The crate drawers slide out for easy access. 3 tier display crate plans, fruit & vegetable storage bins, plans include a free PDF download, step-by-step illustrated details, material list with shopping and cutting list. Do this 4 times and you should get something that looks like this. For the handles – make a template – 1. Cut a plastic garbage bag (or two) and nail or staple down inside of one crate. Once you have finished one side of the crate, flip it over to. Upcycling is my favorite thing, which is why I love all of these wooden crate DIY projects. 1 Measure and Mark Using a tape measure and pencil, measure and mark all the wood pieces. Wood Pallet Raised Garden Bed from Ma Passion Du Verger. I decided I could make one from a $3 . Being made out of real wood, these wooden box materials bring a taste of the rustic countryside right to your customers. Repurposed Crates for Storage · Modern Rolling Cart Made With Crates · Wooden Crate Storage Lockers · Industrial Pipe and Wood Crate End Table. 1 minute(s) read Categories Vegetables and Fruits Organic gardening Urban gardening Planters and . How To Build Homemade Potato Crates. Drawer slides were installed on either side of the four crates. It was mentioned here that vegetable crates are made of planks of wood and bolts. Building a beautiful vegetable garden is always in a gardeners' mind but comes with challenges. Since I have collected a few of them in my life time, I have a few different ideas to show you. Attach to shorter 1 x 2's (legs) with 1 Step 2. Align the edges with attention and clamp the components together tightly. The box-making process itself is not that different from all the crate ideas we have shown you. 37 Free DIY Wooden Box Plans You Can Make. To make your own potato crates, you need some spare lumber and nails, plus a roll of quarter-inch hardware cloth. Red, white, blue theme with garland & flag. This idea is similar to the last one but on a much smaller scale and with a distinct function. 45+ Brilliant DIY Wood Crate Projects to Make Your Home Cooler. There are a ton of different sizes, shapes, and styles of these wooden crates so you can configure yours however works best for your use and closet space. In other words, with a milk crate garden, your imagination is the only limit! How to Build a Milk Crate Garden Materials Needed. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add hairpin legs. Suitable for home or wedding décor too once painted. Lot of old wooden cheese boxes, most very shabby, with wear and fading, splits and missing wood on some side panels. Cover the final layer with newspaper and place the crate in a cool, dark. It was such perfect timing because we were about to join our first ever Weekend Market. 4 different wooden crates, fruit and vegetable boxes set Ad by EstiaHolzspielDesign Ad from shop EstiaHolzspielDesign EstiaHolzspielDesign From shop EstiaHolzspielDesign. Build this project using crates and dimensional lumber for an easy kitchen storage solution. How to Make a Crate Plant Stand. You can always get creative and have a rainbow vertical garden. Pour water into the crate, and if it doesn't drain, you may need to punch more holes in the liner. Wooden crates—vintage or new—make sturdy container gardens as well as storage solutions for garden tools. SharkCrates are heavy duty and collapsible wood shipping crates that are economical and easy to use. Remove a couple of the boards on the front, and put a comfy pillow inside to make a pretty pet bed for your furry friend. Whether you own a bakery or retail shop this wooden display will have customers checking out your products. Learn Through Play: The fruits and vegetables can act as a vendor's crate at the farmer's market, a fruit basket kep. Will be interesting to learn how long the crates end up lasting. Our New Fruit & Veg Crates make the perfect addition to any kitchen as well as fantastic retail crates or display. Be sure the elastic band is large enough that your dog will be able to stretch his legs through while inside the crate. Using a 3mm drill bit, make a hole around 2. 3 Tier Display Crate Plans – Fruit & Vegetable Storage Bins- Material List Build 3 crates: Cut 6 1×6’s to 10″ long (A). Find quality designs that grab attention and stand out to make passersby stop and read them. To do so, stain the crate with the Special Walnut edition of Minwax Stain after finishing its assembling process. Build this stand to give all your fruits and vegetables a functional, Apply 1-2 coats of wood stain to the wood crates and stands. Lucky for me, I have a ready supply of old wooden crates from my Aunt. Take the planks and line them up for each board. Use the small pieces and the awkward ones to make the side pieces. The kit is provided on six grey sprues, four of these are identical covering the wooden crates, giving you sixteen crates assembled from separate bases and sides with a good level of detail provided. I used an unfinished Walmart wood crate to make a patriotic planter for my 4th of July porch decor. The wooden crate display also has a chalk board that will let customers know the daily special. There are two strings with wooden threaders and stops so your child can create delicious fruit and vegetable kebabs. DIY Tips for Wooden Container Planters. The process is the same no matter what wood will be used. 30 How do you make a vintage wooden crate? 31 What is difference between crate and box? 32 What is the difference between crates and wooden boxes? 33 What is the difference between a container and a crate? 34 How to Make a Wood Crate from a 2×6; 35 How To Make A Wooden Crate For Beginners ( New Easy Design ) 36 How to Make a Small Wooden Box. When dry, reapply oil over the surface. Buy vegetable wooden crates and install them at historical sites or public buildings with commemorative text. Use 1×6 lumber for the sides of the crate. It took one day to make the crates. Just crew the 2 crates together along the long side, and screw in the wheels to the bottom. Make all the cuts per the plans. How to Build a Wood Crate · I love the vintage look of wooden crates. Add wooden crates to your kitchen to get the farmhouse look. Once you have decided on the size crate you want, you will need to go to a wood supply store and give them the dimensions you need. The long strips are done by squaring strips of wood using a bandsaw. Located in Derrmiut (Near Sunshine) Multiple crates available. 1 tomato, 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, 1 mushroom, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 red onion, 1 turnip, 1 radish in a wooden crate made of solid. Pick a corner to start in and turn the pieces of lumber on their sides so they are sitting against each other, with the end of 1 piece square against the inside corner of the other piece. Then, you will want to add another elastic band that goes across the top of the crate. Fit the 1×2 cleats to the interior of the sides, using glue and 1 1/4″ screws. If there’s still oil (excess oil) on the surface of the wood, rub it off using a rag. Building Crates - The Easiest Way To Grow Potatoes Ever! We make all of our crates inexpensively from scrap lumber. Too long in water = soggy wrappers. First, you must basecoat both the inside and outside of the box, then make side stripes with stencil tapes. These wire mesh should be on the same level with the top of the wooden posts. Place 1×6 boards between 1×2 boards and secure with brad nails. Fill the crate with a quality potting soil. Plain wooden crate with handles. After adding a floral foam block to the bottom of the crate (you can hot glue it in place if you want but I did not) I added 3 of the daffodil stems. These planters for vegetables and flowers are made from purchased pallet boards. While ideal for storing fruits and vegetables on a kitchen counter, mounted below kitchen cabinets or inside of a pantry, there are a variety of other uses for these wooden crates. Line the crate with plastic, landscape fabric, coir, or burlap to contain the soil. Note: The two fence pickets and one 48″ dowel will build one crate with a lot leftover, so if you pick up a second 5 1/2″ cedar fence picket, you can build two of these wood crates for around $12 (with. Assembles in minutes with only a screwdriver. I love old wooden crates, whether it's an old apple crate or a wine crate. Wooden Crate For Vegetables. A pallet compost bin takes ten minutes to build & creates space for converting waste to compost. Attach front rail using wood glue and finish nails. Add your flowers, plants, or whatever seeds you plan to cultivate. To keep the leash from becoming tangled around the leg of the pad, you will need to add a piece of rope at the very top of the cage. Check out our ideas for using crates to hold flowers, store seedling pots, corral garden implements and more. Crates — Crates and Pallet. Basswood or Balsa Wood, sometimes referred to as "hobby wood" is available in most hobby stores. 2 Cut Pieces Cut the 1″ x 2″ x 8′ board into four 19″ L sections for the side legs. The cage is based around eight four-by-four inch uprights, each 2. Baskets: made of woven strips of leaves, . Easy, especially when filled with loads of books when paddling to school, and of cou. I started by measuring how much space I had between the floor and rod then laid out my crates to be sure there was enough. Add a thin layer of gravel, then add the compost or potting soil. It is in standard widths perfect for slats, and . A wooden crate can be used to grow all manner of veg and herbs - here, we've combined kale, salad and dwarf beans. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. How to Make a Vegetable Stand. Heptad pieces of sliceable fruit that can be Wooden fruit bowl ikea cut into angstrom unit. The simplest way to make a wooden crate is to cut two end pieces and a bottom piece out of plywood. How to make a wooden planter - drilling holes at the end of each end of the wood. Give away eBay for great deals in Decorative Vegetables and Fruit where Material enceinte selection Wooden fruit crates for sale and wondrous wholesale prices on unfinished wood eggs and wooden apples and other Mrs. Use a rake to even out the top of the soil so it is more or less flat and either flush or just below the top edge of the garden box frame. There, they will cut four rectangular pieces, these pieces will be the. Organize Shoes With Wooden Crate Shelving Units. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Foldable, Standard, Nestable Stackable, Crates with lids, Bottle Crates. Learn 11 new ways to use different types of plastic crates for creative storage. Rake the soil smooth and spray it with a hose to settle it. Fill all holes with wood filler and let dry. Height can be added to the crates by adding legs. Wooden crates make beautiful vertical gardens. At the end of the growing season, empty the container of the plants and soil. 3 Daffodil Stems (Amazon) Yellow Ranunculus. I made research, and create my own type and style box design, . DIY Storage Boxes: Turn (Free) Wood Pallets Into Amazing. Great for homesteading and long term storage of root vegetables, but i guess these could be used for a whol. Hold the planter up and have someone screw. Attach the opposite slat to the bottom of the wood crate. For the handles - make a template - 1. This will prevent muddy water from getting all over your crate and storage. Drill pilot holes before inserting the screws, to prevent the wood from splitting. Standard Size Soft Wood Wooden Crate, For Packaging, Capacity: 50kg ₹ 340/ Piece. Let's talk about how many different ways there are to decorate with vintage wooden crates. If there's still oil (excess oil) on the surface of the wood, rub it off using a rag. The gravel will help to drain the planter box. Make dipping sauce gluten free. Create a remarkable sit that will impress your guests. In order to get even more years out of your wooden crates, you. The front and back sides are 8 3/4” tall and the sides are 7 1/8” inches tall. Homeroad is all about repurposing so found wood is what I love to use. See more ideas about crates, vegetable crates, home diy. Sep 11, 2016 - Explore Heather Aliment Perkes's board "Fruit boxes" on Pinterest. Pre-drill 2 holes on each end of the 24-inch pieces, about ¾” from the edge. Have separate stacks for fruits and veggies. Good size @ 1110 x 1110 x 1040 high. Once you have decided what type of wood you want to build with, here are a few awesome DIY wooden planter box ideas to inspire you! Almost all of these are super easy to make with the very basic tools! Take a look! 1. The crate is open both on the bottom and the top. - Quality of crate can be decided. Decide how big you want your crate to be (our crate measures 19"s wide x 22"s deep x 22"s tall. By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine Materials (3) Vegetable Crates (2) 1" x 4" x 96" boards (1) 1" x 2" x 120" board (1) 1" x 6" x 120" board (3) Sets of 10" drawer slides (4) Casters 1-1/4" wood screws 1" brad nails Tools. But even wood raised beds can fall apart eventually. The thing about the plywood is that it isn't very attractive. Wall Storage Cubbies by My Altered State. As the wooden crate is normally used to transport fruits and vegetables to the fair, many end up breaking or becoming worn out. For my wooden crate planter, I knew that I wanted to grow a fruit or vegetable, so I picked up Harvest's Organic Potting Mix first. Drill pocket holes in the bottom of the longer 1 x 2's on each side. Use 1×4 lumber for the bottom of the crates. August 15, 2014 June 12, 2013 Simon [collage] Fruit Crate Shoe Bench. primitive old wood cheese boxes, vintage crates and Philadelphia tray. This enables the storage to be easily moved from room to room. Wood Pallet is heat treated and stamped for export shipment. You can even make hanging planters out of milk crates by attaching chains with s-hooks to the top edge of the crate and hanging it from a ceiling hook, plant hanger, or shepard's hook. You can see how it picks up the texture of the crate. Plastic, Wooden, and Metal Crates. How to Build a Wood Crate Click the red SUBSCRIBE button or click here: https://www. The boards are handmade, sanded, and assembled with screws and nails. DIY Modern Cedar Planter by The DIY Huntress. 34 How to Make a Wood Crate from a 2×6; 35 How To Make A Wooden Crate For Beginners ( New Easy Design ) 36 How to Make a Small Wooden Box with Sliding Lid. Build Your Own Garden Box Guide. A wooden crate was designed by the Tropical Development and Research Institute (TDRI) for the huckster trade from Dominica. Cut a long rectangle strip to cover the crate length wise so that the barrier covers the bottom, the two narrow ends and falls over both top edges. Start by making the aluminum hangers. Now let's build this DIY wooden storage box on wheels. Gently place plant starts in the potting soil and fill in around the sides with more soil. Step 4: Assemble the Planks Into Sides. To install continuous wooden bottoms on your DIY storage bins, simply flip them upside down and secure a 1/4-inch plywood base measuring 15-7/8 inches by 25-1/8 inches with glue and finishing. Use a miter saw to make the angle cuts at both ends of the front legs. Decide how big you want your crate to be (our crate measures 19”s wide x 22”s deep x 22”s tall. Place two of the uprights you've cut onto the sheet, aligning their bottom ends with one edge of the sheet and positioning one of the uprights in a corner. Install the wire mesh once the posts are erected. 41 Of The Best Ways To Repurpose Old Wooden Crates. You may use glue, or drill and screws. Add to Favorites Vintage Wooden Apple Crate, Rustic Wood Box, Wedding Decor, Farmhouse Log Storage, Cottage Living, Photo Prop. Building a collapsible wire crate will take the help of a professional and defeat the purpose of doing it on your own, so wood it is. Plus I've also rounded up a couple of pretty awesome DIY projects to upcycle those vintage crates into something practical and beautiful to decorate with. Wood crates and cardboard have still popularity amongst employees in the fruits and vegetable market. This video comes from Riverpark Farms in New York. How to Make New Crates Look Old and Vintage. Next, connect the front and back pieces with a 1 x 4 x 18″ piece on each side. Choosing wide lumber planks is another excellent way to extend the life of wood garden beds. Like the Sea Chest, the Wooden Crate is able to be buried in an Underground Stash making it much harder for bandits to find and raid. These are deep enough for planting vegetables and sturdy enough to stack or mount. Crates can be broadly classified into three categories based on the materials used. Building-the-frame-of-the-crate. The chemicals in treated wood can harm plants. Wooden crates are the common material and can be found in everyone's home! They are used to pack different goods from vegetables to food items and other . The key is to leave the gaps on the side of crates somewhere between 1. We designed the crates so that they would be 14 1/2” wide x 12” deep. I can't believe we were able to convert what we refer to as 'mess' into something really, really useful. Using a circular saw and other carpentry tools, you can build your own produce stand, complete with a chalkboard sign to identify your fruits and veggies. Insert 1 1/4″ brad nails making sure you leave at least 1/4″ from the edges, to prevent the wood from splitting. Time to head home from the market! And the children have found some real treasures packed full of freshness and vitamins! Time to play the role of a greengrocer or cook with the contents of this pretty wooden crate: 2 leeks with cotton roots, 2 radishes with green felt leaves, 2 potatoes, 2 mushrooms, 2 tomatoes and 2 carrots with felt leaves. This crate can be done in just. The kids can pretend to cut in the cutting board and make a salad out of it. This mini crate is apt for creating dollhouse accessories or creative, small décor items. Everyday thousands of pallets are thrown away around the worl…. DIY Wooden Crate Bookshelf Materials. Once playtime is over, the wooden food can be stored back in the storage crate. How to build pantry wooden shelves. Use a level to carefully measure and mark where your planter will go on the wall. I lined the wooden crate with chicken wire. "Vault-like" protection for your export shipments. A wooden crate is a long lasting shipping solution and can be utilized for shipping purposes for 3-5 years. The type of soil or compost you use will depend on the types of plants or flowers you intend to add to your planter box. In this review we take a look at a MiniArt release in 1/35th scale of a diorama element featuring Vegetables and Wooden Crates. A wooden crate consists of rigid corners with planks nailed or stretched against those corners. To make your living room a little funkier while also keeping it rustic, go with these vegetable crates turned on their sides to make a fun and functional end table. 9 (7) | "Great supplier" Contact Supplier. Take it on a real shopping trip, children are sure to love helping adults. Attach the sides of the frame to the base one side at a time. The dimensions are different and range from 80 centimeters long and 40 centimeters wide to 120. The first step in making our DIY wooden crates was to determine the dimensions of each crate. Plastic crates are a lot easier to deal with than wooden crates. SUPPLIES: Wood Crate; Chalk paint (Gray & Tan) Waverly antique wax; paint the crate dark gray. I’m back to share the free PDF plans with you so you can build your own!. I was passing through a home improvement store the other day and saw a simple wooden crate that was being sold for $11. This size crate required two the wood from two (2. Packers made an effort to display their produce with colorful and attractive labels in order to generate more business at the local market. The amount of years can be increased if there is special care taken. Use a square and a pencil or fine marker to mark the aluminum bar. This style crate is similar to apple crates that I've seen. 3 tier Wooden Vegetable fruit food storage rack Angled | Home, Furniture & DIY,. Wood Shipping Crates, Plywood Shipping Boxes in Stock. Fresh from the market, this wooden Vegetable Crate includes a selection of vegetables such as a carrot, broccoli, pepper, onion and more! A great addition to any budding chefs wooden play kitchen. Each a small instructions included . The water-based safe lacquer shows the lovely wood grain and will not chip off. Wood Crates are super simple to make and there extremely handy. I found it in the craft section of Walmart. Also, this wooden crate has rope handlebars so you can easy move them. In this video I'll teach you two different methods for . The classic wood crate is one of the easiest, most versatile things you can make. Then, use a drill and galvanized screws to attach the ends of the planks so they form a long rectangular box. Lightly spray the whole top layer of soil with water from your garden hose to tamp down the soil. Plastic Storage Crates In The Vegetables Market. Wood crates can be re-envisioned for home décor too. Part 1: How to make your own wood crates from pallet wood.